(Legacy) The Gettysburg Compiler

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Kevin Lavery ’16

Managing Editor

Jeffrey Lauck ’18

Social Media Coordinator

Jennifer Simone ’18

Staff Writers

Hannah Christensen ’17
Jon Danchik ’17
Matt LaRoche ’17
Savannah Rose ’17
Kaylyn Sawyer ’17
Alex Andrioli ’18
Annika Jensen ’18
Danielle Jones ’18
Ryan Bilger ’19
Savannah Labbe ’19
Olivia Ortman ’19
Jonathan Tracey ’19
Laurel Wilson ’19


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Matt LaRoche, a 2017 graduate of Gettysburg College, started this week as our summer intern. If you see him at our summer conference, be sure to thank him for all of his help making the event possible. #cwi2017

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