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The New Face of the Compiler

Dear readers:

First, allow me to thank you for your avid patronage of our humble blog and your support of our authors as they hone their research and writing skills. You are an important part of the learning process that takes place through our Civil War Institute Fellows program, as you play a key role in helping our students develop the skills to communicate their interests to a public audience.

As you may have noticed, the Gettysburg Compiler is taking a week off from sharing new student work this week. While the students are away on spring break, the staff of the Civil War Institute  is preparing to relaunch the Compiler with a significant number of updates that we hope will make it easier to browse and to enjoy. We do not expect this update to go through without us hitting a few rough patches and ask you to please bear with us as we work to build a more positive user experience. And now, a sneak peek of what’s in store for the blog:

Screenshot 2017-03-13 15.55.04

Not only does this update bring us in line with the rest of the Civil War Institute’s branding, it also allows us to move beyond the limitations of our former theme. We are now able to display posts in a much more attractive way, and to embed Facebook and Twitter widgets at the bottom of the page without them being truncated.

Throughout this week, we will be making a few final changes to what the site will eventually look like. We hope to have the updated website publicly available by early next week without any disruption to service. Current subscribers will continue to receive emails notifying them of new posts.

If you have any suggestions or requests for certain functionality, you should feel free to comment on this post or email civilwar@gettysburg.edu.

Thank you for your continued interest in high-quality student research and reflections about the Civil War Era and its legacy.


Kevin Lavery ’16, Editor-in-Chief


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